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Skin Care Tips For Aging Skin
by Katrina VanDoran, Beauty Consultant - Make-up USA

We would all like to have perfect, youthful skin, however, as we age our skin looses its elasticity causing wrinkles to appear. If you have not gotten yourself into a good skincare routine, now is definitely the time. Start by finding a high quality skin care line such as Colosé Skincare and Cosmetics.

The main thing you need to do is to replace moisture. Start with Colosé Cleansing Milk. You should not use soap on your face as it gives a dull appearance. Our cleansing milk will immediately start to give your face a much smoother, softer appearance. Follow with toner.

You should use a facial mask at least once a week for a deep pore cleansing. Colosé Vitalizing Mask is made especially for aging skin. It gives an immediate tightening effect to the upper layers of the skin. This results in wrinkles and blemishes becoming less visible. You can even use this product everyday by applying a few dots on your face before applying your makeup.

Now comes the most important thing you must do: and that is moisturize! For day time I recommend Milk of Aloe because it stimulates the production of collagen. It is to be worn under makeup. Another excellent product to use during the day is Day Cream Multiactive. It contains the enzyme CoQ10, a key enzyme which is believed to delay the aging process. It is important for the health of cells and especially vital for the skin.

At night, prior to going to sleep wash your face with Cleansing Milk and then apply a night cream such as our Collagen Face Cream, Creme Egalisante. It improves elasticity and replenishes moisture.

Eat a well balanced diet and exercise but do not forget to care for your skin. It is the largest organ in your body, yet it is often neglected and abused. Follow the Colosé Anti-Aging routine and you will glow!

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