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Cute and Innocent MakeUp

by Katrina VanDoran

For a cute and innocent make up look you will want to go natural - you do not want to look like it took you hours to get your face and hair ready. Depending on your skin tone you may only need a very light foundation or tinted sport cream or perhaps just a concealer for trouble spots. Brush some light color blush over the apples of your cheeks. It will enhance cheekbones and give you some color.

Go easy with mascara and eyeliner and daytime eyeshadow should be light. Find the eye shadow colors that go with the color of your eyes and then select the lightest one. For example blue eyes go well with earth tone eye shadow, that is browns, tans, beige. Select the light tan color.

You may also like to plump up your pout with our Voliptuous Lips!

Always carry the following products with you during the day for quick fixes: lipstick and powder. Lipstick can act as a blush. But never use blush as a lipstick.

As far as hair goes you will want super sleek, super straight hair that is close to the head. Hairstylists are emphasizing simple but groomed cuts that keep hair away from the face. If you are running late in the morning, a pony tail or a strict braid will be perfect. You will always want your hair to have a gloss and a shine to it.




Available For Syndication: CREDIT BYLINE: Article written by Katrina VanDoran, Editor of Make-up USA Newsletter: http://www.make-upusa.com. Ms. VanDoran is a top makeup artist at her Spa in Brussels, Belgium. She predominantly uses Bren and Colosé Cosmetics and Skin Care products.
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