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Katrina VanDoran

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Recently I've been noticing the area under my eyes becoming puffy and I'm only 16! What causes under eye puffiness? And How can I get rid of it?

Mild puffiness of the skin under your eyes can result from a number of causes, including:

  • Heredity
  • Fluid retention such as due to changes in weather or hormone levels
  • Allergies or dermatitis, especially if puffiness is accompanied by redness and itching

Under-eye puffiness is usually only a temporary cosmetic concern and rarely a sign of a serious underlying medical condition. Some tips for reducing mild under-eye puffiness:

  • Raise the head of your bed at night. This helps prevent fluids from accumulating around your eyes as you sleep.
  • While sitting up, apply a cool tap water compress to the skin under your eyes for a few minutes. You can also use chilled cucumber slices, a refrigerated gel mask or chilled, damp tea bags.

If puffiness is severe and persistent or you notice swelling (edema) in other parts of your body, see your doctor. He or she will want to rule out other possible causes of swelling, such as kidney or thyroid problems or a side effect of medications.

For more information please read: Tips and Advice: Puffy Eyes

What color should a blue eyed woman wear when she`s wearing a black dress?

You have several options but I think the most elegant would be to go with the smokey eyes look. For summer, start with a medium blue shadow from the bottom of your eyelid to the crease. (Colose Marine Eyeshadow) Next apply a gray shadow on the outer half of your eyelid, from the bottom of the lid to the crease, kind of smudging with your finger. Line the top and bottom lashes slightly past outer corners with a black kohl pencil. Smudge liner with a cotton swab. If you're looking for something a little more advanced, before applying black mascara, apply a purple/mauve eye shadow from the lid to the crease, (instead of blue) becoming less intense toward the outer corners.

What type of eye makeup should I use if I have big eyes?

I am assuming that you want your eyes to appear smaller. If that is the case, you should use dark colors. Line your upper eyelids with a soft dark eyeliner pencil, for example black, dark brown or charcoal. The line should be relatively thick. Do not use liquid eyeliner because it is too heavy. You can also smudge the eyelids with dark shadow. If you use eyeliner on the bottom rim, only do it 1/2 way from the middle towards nose, allow the upper and lower corners to meet as this closes the eye. Do not thin your eyebrows too much. Do not use mascara and do not curl your lashes. Suggestion: Colosé Moccha Eye Shadow.

Just recently I wore make up to a party. As soon as I got home from the party I washed my face to get rid of all the gunk. Later in the afternoon after I woke up my eyes felt slighty heavy. My eyelids, above and under my eyes looked wrinkled. I used Johnson Baby shampoo and a warm wash cloth to scrub the area. This is the third time that this has happened to me. Is it caused by the brand of makeup or am I just allergic to it?

I do not think this is an allergy to your eye make-up because the area around the eye would be puffy and probably red. Perhaps the eye make-up is drying out the thin skin around the eyes. Next time try washing with a cleansing milk or cleansing cream and applying a moisturizer around your eyes afterward. I do not know of anyone washing their face with baby shampoo so I cannot give you any advice on that. But be gentle with your skin, do not "scrub" the area, rather use light finger tip circular motions around the eye. My main suggestion is to just try a different routine to see if you can rule out the cause of the wrinkles. Perhaps some cleansing wipes made specifically for make-up removal would come in handy for you. Thank you for your question and let me know if the suggestions help.

My 11 year old daughter says that she wants to wear eyeliner. All of her friends wear it and she says it would build up her self-esteem. I just want to know is it bad for your skin?

No, eyeliner is not bad for your skin. Just make sure that your daughter does not sleep in it and practices a good cleansing or make-up removal routine prior to going to sleep. Also advise her not to share her make-up with her friends. If the eyeliner becomes contaminated then it could cause some problems.

I am a 23yr old female, and was wondering if maybe you could give me a few tips on how to make my eyes look even more greener than they already are. I have tried everything and nothing seems to bring them out. It would be wonderful if you could help me. Love, Kelly

Hi Kelly, For green eyes I recommend that you pick colors with shades of pink in them including a pink-purple color. Also look for salmon, mauve, and brownish-pink to make the green look greener. Applying the color is very important. The newest trend is to apply a light color (say pink) to the upper lid and lower lid. In the middle (crease of your lid) apply the contrasting color such as the brownish-pink (for a more smokey look) or that purplish color (for a more dramatic look). Blend the two colors slightly. Avoiding a dark color at the lower lid helps to make your eyes appear bigger. Always use a mascara preferably brown or black and curl with a lash curler this will also enhance your eyes. Finally, I recommend you go to your local salon and get an eyebrow waxing. Eyebrows are very important to shape and help the eyes get noticed even more.

Hi, I was wondering what color eyeliner and eyeshadow would look best on bright green/blue eyes. Lauren

Dear Lauren, Thank you for your question. I would like to make the following recommendations: FOR BLUE EYES: The best colors for blue eyes would be a gray, violet or purple color on the lower/mid lid of your eye and a light taupe, cream on the upper lid of your eye, blending the colors where they meet. These colors are best for everyday. If you want more dramatic eyes, then a deeper blue (darker than your eye color) mixed with a gray will provide a smoky effect. I would recommend Lagune (mixes dark taupe/khaki with gray blue color) which is great for a dramatic evening look and its a little smoky. Orient (mixes a purple with gray) which gives you a great everyday and a little funky look. And Pacific (mixes deep blue and light taupe) great for everyday and if you add more of the deep blue can be dramatic. If you want a look that makes you look like you are't wearing any make-up, then I would go for Marine, which is a blue with a white color that blends for a subtle look. I would recommend a gray eyeliner for everyday to match the above colors, or black for more dramatic. If you add brown, or taupe or some gold, then you can go with a brown eye liner. I would follow the above with a black mascara for the most dramatic effect and brown if you want more subtle. I would only go with a blue or green mascara if you want a funky look.

GREEN or HAZEL EYES: The best colors for green eyes are brown, purple, deep khaki or forest green. If you keep in the green family it will enrich your eyes. Going back to Make-Up USA's eye shadow selection, I would recommend again the Lagune and the Orient, because they go very well with green eyes too, but would add Sahara (mixes dark green with light green). This color can be dramatic if you use more of the dark green, or subtle if you use more of the light green. Dark green on the lower lid, light on the upper lid. If you want a very subtle (I'm not wearing any make-up but look fabulous) I would recommend Algue Nacree (which is a light green with a white color) this helps lighten your eyes and makes you appear younger. Again I would recommend black or gray eyeliner depending on how dramatic you are trying to be. Gray for everyday, black for evening. A black mascara is best. SPECIAL NOTE: If your hair color is dark, then I would concentrate on the darker colors for enhancement. If your hair color is light, then I would concentrate on the lighter and medium colors for enhancement. Thank you again for your inquiry. If you have any more questions, feel free to write back.

Hi Katrina! I have no idea what color eye shadow I should wear to match me. I have hazel eyes and brown hair and right now I am pretty tan. I've tried doing test things to see what color would suit me but I do not like them because they say I would look best in grey, I think grey is boring. Do you have other suggestions? Thanks, Mindy

Hi Mindy, My suggestion would be to try brown, apricot, purple, plum, deep khaki or forest green (because they are in the same greenish family, they brighten green eyes) For something more dramatic try plums and even deep rich eggplant shades. These colors will not only look great with your skin tone but will really make your hazel eyes stand out. Plum and Khaki are the new colors for fall.



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