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Make-up: Lipstick Questions and Answers
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How can I make my lips look fuller without getting a botox injection?

First get in the habit of moisturizing your lips with a cream that contains collagen as new reseach shows that it may have a permanent effect. Use lip colors that are lighter such as rose and peach and also use creamy formulas - both steps reflct light creating the illusion of fullness. Line your lips with a pencil that is one shade darker then your lip color. This will define your natural lip line. Pay especial attention to the center V. Finish by filling in lips completely and apply a coat of lip color.

What lipcolor is best for fair-beige skin?

One of my personal favorites is Bigarreau by Colosé


Lipsticks with brown undertones look good on everyone. Magazine pictures of models and stars all seem to be wearing this or a similar shade lately.

I have light skin, blue eyes, and darker blonde hair. I am wearing a red top, red and white skirt, and red shoes for graduation and I was wondering what shade of lipstick is appropriate. I have heard it is bad to match your lipstick to your shirt.

Most beauticians and cosmetic experts agree that lipstick should match your skin tone and hair color, not your clothes. Choose brown-tone colors if you favor yellowish or reddish colors. If you have lots of these colors (red, brown, plum) in your wardrobe, brown and earth tone lipsticks are for you!

Take a look at our preview newsletter that is due to come out the first week in June, entitled Red Is My Love. Here you will find suggestions for red lipsticks. You may want to try a tint of red lipstick with a lip gloss.

Personally, I find nothing taboo about red lipstick with a red top unless your skintone does not warrant any red. But, red is HOT now and I say go with it!

I'm an African American with very dark lips how can I get pinker lips?

Wear deep colors, the darker your skin tone, the deeper your lip color for the most flattering look. You can apply a light color creamy foundation to your lips and then apply lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss in your favorite colors for a long lasting look. You can also set your lip color by blotting your lips between two applications of lipstick.

Are there any ways to literally shrink your lips without makeup and surgery?

No, we know of no ways to make your lips shrink. Tip: To make your lips look smaller, use darker, matte colors. Do not use lip gloss.

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