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Ralph Lauren Big Pony Women's Collection

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Ralph Lauren Big Pony Women's Collection 1 1 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

Contemporary life is an exciting, colorful multi-dimensional adventure for a confident young woman. She can no longer be defined by a single aspect of her life. Ralph Lauren celebrates her many facets and accomplishments with The Big Pony Collection for Women, a series of four fragrances embracing dynamic femininity. A new generation of women is leading the way and they now have a fragrance collection to call their own. This floral citrus scent features grapefruit and blue lotus.


Ralph Lauren Big Pony Women's Collection 1 1 oz Eau de Toilette Spray 



Perfume Tip: Spray or dab on perfume at one or two of your "pulse points"―knees, wrists, base of the throat, and behind the earlobes before you get dressed. Don't rub your wrists together as this breaks down a perfume's molecular structure. Perfume can stain fabric, and fabric fibers can make perfume smell unpleasant. Fragrance is formulated to be applied to the skin, where it interacts with the heat of the body.





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