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Moisturizing Milks

The range of Colosé treatment milks is unique because it offers fluid creams with natural active ingredients from fruit or plants. They are a light, non-greasy texture that can quickly penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis to provide moisture and nutrients.

All skin types require moisture.

Colosé's moisturizers are based on the extracts of oil from various fruits and vegetables.

They are easy to apply and form a perfect base for make-up.

You will also find them beneficial if used on the entire body.

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Facial and Body Moisturizers

The most important method of looking after one's skin is to know its characteristics.

External factors such as cold, heat, humidity, fumes and dust, as well as internal factors i.e. how you feel physically and mentally, affect the skin's appearance. Observe yourself regularly and you will notice just how your skin changes appearance depending on how you feel.

We have added ingredients to our skin care lotions which allow the skin to attain its optimum moisture.

Remember, it is never too early to start using facial skin care products to maintain a youthful appearance and never too late to start to improve the skin's appearance.

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