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"My regular facial clients call every 4-6 weeks. I really know how Colosé skincare works on all different skin types and problem areas."

I first started using Colosé (col-oh-say) skincare products in my facial clinic about 10 months ago.

I needed a product that was gentle but effective; one that was not going to cause irritation or reaction on my clients' skin - especially women who have sensitive skin.

I can say that, having done thousands of facials, Colosé has come up No. 1 for me. My clients love it and buy it with confidence.

It certainly is uplifting for me to see their skins improve so that they can feel so much better about themselves and their appearance.
N. Cunningham, Seattle, WA

I love these products! I have already run out of most of the items that I have previously ordered, and I just love it so much that I keep trying different items! I just can't seem to decide which ones I like the best! Just wanted to let you know! Shanon, Westland, Michigan

"As a 57 year old homemaker, I must say that Colosé is the nicest line of cosmetics I have ever used. Over the years I have tried such brands as Mary Kay, Lancome, Clinique, Oil of Olay, Melaleuca, and various brands from "natural foods stores", but so far Colosé is my very favorite. I love the mild fresh scents and how gentle but effective the skin care products are." D. Schwieder, Summers, Arkansas

"I was so glad when I saw your site on the Internet. Colosé has the best creams and make-up I have ever used." M. L. Lagergren, Denver, Colorado

"I have converted no less than five of my friends to your line, whether it be make-up or skin care, and they're all just thrilled." S. Kast, Lima, Ohio

"For years I've been searching for the perfect body lotion but to no avail. Colosé's new Satin Body Lotion is absolutely fantastic, so soft & silky, my skin feels luxurious and it smell's delicious, my clients, family and friends are all converted!" L. Whitlowe-Beauty Therapist

"I purchased Colosé's acne treatment package thinking this was going to be just another waste of money. To my surprise my face started to clear up and after a week of use I no longer had problems with black heads, excess oil or pimples! Thank you, thank you, thank you! M. Van Kula, Carmel, CA

"As a distributor of Colosé Cosmetics and Skin Care in CA, I am having exceptional response to the Collagen Cream (Cream Egalisante) and the Miracle Cream. People are more aware of what they put on their skin, so being natural they really love the products." D. Greene, Rancho Dominguez, CA




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