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Hair Advice and Tips
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Top Ten Tips and Advice: Hair

1. Conditioner application Apply conditioner to the ends and midsection of your hair. You could have oily hair from using conditioner on your roots. It weighs your hair down, causing it to produce more oil and be flat.


2. Perfect Haircut Choose one that matches your face perfectly. First you will want to determine your face shape. To do this, pull your hair back and trace your reflection in the mirror with lipstick. If your reflectionīs round, grow out your locks into a long, sleek style thatīs angled around the face. Try chunky bangs that you can sweep to the side. If you have a square shape face, pick a shoulder-skimming style with loose layers. Side swept bangs around your face add wisps, emphasizing your eyes and cheekbones. If you face is heart shaped, go with a "below the chin" style with an angled front and tapered ends. If you want to add bangs, wear them long and brushed to the side. For an oval shaped face, try a jagged chin cut with pieced layers or a mid-length cut with brow brimming bangs. These tips will surely help you decide how to cut your hair next time!


3. Shiny Hair Rinsing you hair in cold water after youīve finished shampooing and conditioning will make it shinier. Cold water closes the cuticle. When the cuticle is closed, it lies flat, so it reflects the light and looks shiny. First shampoo with warm water, then rinse with cold.


4. Straightening Hair Before attempting to straighten your hair, get it about 80% dry by blow drying with a diffuser, blotting with a towel, or waiting until hair dries naturally. It will require alot of heat if you have extremely curly hair, but always remember to use a shot of cool air to set the locks you have just straightened.


5. Rubber Band Substitutes Use fabric covered bands and scrunchies instead of exposed rubber bands to reduce stress and friction on the hair.


6. Frizz I used to have the problem with frizzy hair. If you have this problem, try using a "leave in" conditioner. This really works! There are quite a few to choose from even though they are basically all the same. Believe me,I have tried all of them. If you want to, you can try different ones, and depending on your hair, they might differ. This is a good tip if your hair is naturally frizzy. Be sure though,that you rinse or shampoo the product out each day and reapply it sparingly.


7. Choosing a complimentary color In general, as we age, our skin tone changes as well as the color of our hair. Even if we are not getting gray yet, our hair begins to lose some color. In order to pick a tint color that is becoming, it is best to go lighter as we get older. This is more softening to the skin tone and less contrasting. Even on white hair, a very attractive effect is created by tinting the hair a very light blonde. This gives the effect of blonde hair, but does not look harsh or unnatural.


8. A Frizzy Hair Day You wake up one morning,your hair is frizzy, and you need to fix it quickly. Take your brush and evenly spray the bristles with hair spray and brush hair. Continue until hair is under control. This will give more weight to your hair to help flatten it and keep the lasting hold you need. This is a good idea and also works with spray conditioners sprayed lightly on the brush as well for those dry days when frizz takes over.


9. A tossled/romantic style without a salon If you have shoulder length hair and want that tossled, romantic look you can achieve it without having to go to a salon. After shampooing and conditioning the hair, apply some styling gel or other styling product to the entire head. Section off small sections about 1/2 inch by 1/2 and twist the hair into rope-like pieces until it is fairly tight. Secure the end with a hair clip or a piece of hair tape and let it hang as you continue to do the whole head. Donīt worry about being neat as long as you take small sections. Let air dry or sit under a dryer. Remove the clips or tape on ends and run your fingers through gently until you have separated the strands into a full and tossled style. Lean over and spray the hair lightly with a styling spray from underneath. You will have a full and controlled "messy" look as good as any salon can give.


10. Trim your own bangs in minutes If you donīt need an entire haircut, but your bangs are too long and heavy, try this tip. First, dampen the bangs slightly, (not too wet). Carve out a triangle from the corners of the eyes back to a point behind the forehead. Bring the entire section together and twist until you have a rope-like section of hair. Do NOT pull down tightly or too hard. With one cut of the scissors, cut the rope about one half inch below the depression in the bridge of the nose. When you comb out your bangs they will be slightly feathered and will fall in a curve from the forehead downward to the corners of the eyes.




Advice and Tips About Hair: Do you have a good hair tip? If so, please share and send it our way...