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Tips and Advice: Mineral Make-Up Tips

Mineral Cosmetics are Water Resistant Investing in mineral makeup is a smart decision not only because it stays put all day but also because itís great for your skin. Itís water resistant! Mineral cosmetics will stay on your skin under wet conditions; weather your face is exposed to a little sweat or the pouring rain your makeup should remain on your skin. If you face any moisture, dab off the excess with a dry towel or handkerchiefódonít rub. To remove mineral cosmetics, use any kind of cold cream, facial cleanser, or eye makeup remover.

Mineral Cosmetics are Good for Problematic Skin Problematic skin? No problem! Natural mineral makeup is great for all types of skin. Mineral cosmetics are non-acnegenic, and wonít agitate acne-prone skin or cause it to worsen. In many cases women with acne-affected complexions actually claim that with consistent use mineral makeup caused their skin to clear. Additionally, mineral cosmetics are often recommended for oily skinóthis is due to the fact that mineral cosmetics have intrinsic oil-absorbing properties.

Applying a Mineral Foundation or Concealer Youíve heard that mineral cosmetics can do wonders for your skin but how the heck do you apply it? The application process is important, here is a simple guide that will help you to apply a mineral foundation or concealer: Put a small portion of powder into the top of the container. Swirl an application brush into it. Point the brush head upwards and tap the tip of the handle on a hard surface, like the counter (this will evenly settle the powder). Apply in thin layers and only to dry, clean skin. Begin at the jaw and guide towards the middle of the face using up and outward strokes.


Our modern mineral formulas are all natural and free of ingredients that can irritate your skin.
There are no oils, talc, fragrances, synthetic colorants or dyes.
Every product is formulated for sheer or maximum coverage.

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