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Hello, I am 52 and have a challenge with eyeliner smudging as the day progresses. I end up with "raccoon eyes" even after a couple of hours. I have tried a wide variety of brands and I haven't  found one that doesn't do this.. could it be that my eye lids are are greasy? That my skin is droopy on the upper lid ?(if so how does that explain the lower and upper areas having a dark smudge?). I just bet that you have a great idea on how to resolve this issue !

Try using an eyeshadow base before applying your eyeliner. This will keep the colors for both eyeshadow and eyeliner in place. Just apply a little bit of base to you lid. You may also want to try a waterproof eyeliner such as our Bren waterproof eyeliner.

How do I line deep-set eyes so that I look awake?

With deep set eyes the eyelid crease is set back so the area from the base of the eye lashes to the brow bone seems hidden. To enhance deep-set eyes line both the upper and lower lids. Choose light shadows: pale pink, peach or beige. More intense shading on the brow bone also gives the eyes prominence.

I wear hard contact lenses. I`ve noticed that when I wear eyeliner, as my eyes blink, a white, cloudy film goes over my contact lenses and I have to continuously take them out throughout the day ( like every 20 minuets), clean them and put them back in. So I just stopped wearing make-up. HELP!!! Is there a specific brand I can use that will solve this problem?

Here's how to minimize the chances of makeup irritating your eyes when you're wearing your lenses. Apply your make-up after inserting your lenses. You must use waterproof eye make-up and it must be hypo-allergenic. Do not apply eyeliner to the inner edge of the lid or above the lash line on the lower lid. Mascara should be used sparingly and only on the outer half of the lashes. Hair spray, deodorant, cologne, mousse, nail polish and nail polish remover should be used before inserting your lenses. Replace all eye makeup three months after opening and stop using any makeup that seems to be causing irritation or redness in your eyes.

The safety data sheet regarding Colosé eyeliner pencils and eyeliner liquids show no hazards and unlikely to be an irritant after extensive dermatologica testing. Colosé products use natural ingredients.

My 11 year old daughter says that she wants to wear eyeliner. All of her friends wear it and she says it would build up her self-esteem. I just want to know is it bad for your skin?

No, eyeliner is not bad for your skin. Just make sure that your daughter does not sleep in it and practices a good cleansing or make-up removal routine prior to going to sleep. Also advise her not to share her make-up with her friends. If the eyeliner becomes contaminated then it could cause some problems.



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