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Make-Up USA, the best in skin care and cosmetics from New York and Switzerland. Featuring Bren New York and Colose Cosmetic Systems
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Katrina VanDoran

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I have pale skin, not the palest, but still pale. I've only ever had one foundation work and it was an old, old Prescriptives color they don't make anymore, called Ecru (an old formulation, the more recent ones are not the right color). My main problem is the pale shades are always either too yellow or too peachy/orange. I have yellow undertones, but they're almost, well, under the skin like there's a layer of white over them. The old shade that worked lookd like a very pale gray/taupe color, (yes gray!). I can't find anything to match it. Can you suggest a brand? Or some custom blenders? Anything you can do to help would be AMAZING!

We do have a product that I think will work for you.  It is one of our Cream Color Correctors  I would suggest trying our Lavender color.  This will help your yellow undertones by giving you a healthy glow.  Apply this color corrector before you put on your foundation.   Try our Bren Perfect Finish Aloe Vera Foundation to finish off your look. 
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On tonight`s 10 years younger programme you mentioned a foundation to cover vitaligo. Can you please tell me what it is called.

We have had the most positive feedback from the Dermablend products in covering vitaligo. You should try the Dermablend Compact Cover Crème and/or Dermablend Cover Creme Foundation. There is a large selection of color shades to choose from. Both products can be found at .

Update: Make-Up USA is now carry camouflage correctors in eight shades.

I am part Asian and American Indian, I have a hard time picking our the right color foundation, I either get to dark or to light. What should I do?

The short answer would be to combine your light foundation with your dark foundation to create a new color. There is a foundation color for you, but you will just have to keep experimenting to find the right one. Colosé Cosmetics are very popular in Taiwan and their number one foundation color in Taiwan is Caprice.



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