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Katrina VanDoran

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Gothic Make-up Questions and Answers

Hello. I don't even know if it is possible, but is there such a thing as a blonde goth?? If so, well I've been trying to become one... I would like to change my style this year, and just go right into Gothicness...I can't say that it would be too easy, considering that I have long blonde curly hair...And I won't dye it, because I am happy with the way it is. I've seen blondes that die their hair black, and it always seems to be too harsh for them. Please, if you have any suggestions for a blonde-goth it would be greatly appreciated. My skin tone is kind of reddish at times, which is annoying, and any foundation that i apply seems to wear off in about three hours...I hate liquid there any powder foundation that will last for a long time?. My eyes are hazel, and i have white eyelashes, Do you know any brands of colored mascara? Also, If I want my eyes to look brown do i wear blue eye makeup? Thanks alot!

Yes, of course. Achieving Goth is more of an attitude than a make-up or hair style. (Read Below) The lead singer for Diva Destruction is blonde. See Images. You can purchase green, purple or red hair extensions to add to your curly blonde hair.

Hello my name is Brittany and yes i am fully goth i have a question about skin color can I lighten my skin with peroxcide? please write back thank you.

Do you mean hydrogen peroxide? I hope not. It is only useful as a cleansing agent for minor cuts and abrasions of the skin. Some years ago people thought that hydrogen peroxide could be used to lighten hair. You will want to stick with something that is safe such as a lemon. A lemon was thought to lighten freckles. Please read our article on Skin Lightening: The Darker Side of Skin Lighteners. Bren Skin Care has a new product specific for skin lightening. You must remember though that most all skin lightening creams are made specifically for "spot whitening" such as age spots, freckles and other localized skin discolorations, not the whole face. I do not know your age, but I would not be comfortable using hydrogen peroxide or a skin lightening cream on my whole face. I would feel safer if using a temporary whitener such as Bren's Oil Control Blotting Powder - Oil Free Pressed Powder.


How can I apply goth make-up when I have glasses. It never seems to work! I'm desperate! please help!  

Apply your goth eye make-up so that it stands out! Hopefully you can get yourself a pair of dark framed eye glasses or today's more fashionable larger-sized eyeglasses are also an option as are more unusual colors such as blue, green and purple and combinations such as the currently popular multi-colored laminations. Many Goths wear eye glasses so it really should not be a problem. It is designs around the eyes and on the face that make the look not right. Do not draw curly designs / lines etc. around your eyes as that really does not work. Try to focus your attention on your lips and eyeshadow. Depending on your coloring, which we need more information, use Myrtille Lipstick, Nail Polish and Onyx eyeshadow. Choose a foundation which is two shades lighter than your natural coloring. Do not use white makeup.

How can I apply makeup to look gothic when I have light red hair?

Achieving Goth is more of an attitude than a make-up style. Done badly, Gothic make-up can look painfully stupid. It is a high maintenance endeaver.

First you will want your face to look pale, not made up with a lot of white make-up. Use a very light (pale) creamy foundation and apply a light color translucent powder. Do not over powder your face and do not stop your make-up at your jaw line. With this look you must be able to blend very well down your neck. Use a soft black (charcoal) or deep auburn liquid eyeliner on your eyelids. You can use a charcoal eyeliner pencil on your lips as a lipliner.

Find a shade of lipstick that everyone is not wearing. Perhaps a deep purple rather than blood red. Also, use the same color on your long nails. Take a look at our Myrtille color lipstick and nail polish. If you decide to go with the soft black colors, our Orient color eye shadow would also look very good on you.

You want to strive to look like a natural, beautiful Goth, not someone going out for Halloween.

How can I pull off a gothic look if i have light brown hair and freckles? I would dye my hair black, but i think it would look weird because of all my freckles.

Black would look too harsh for your complexion. I would recommend trying a dark auburn color for your hair (try a wash out, non-permanate hair solution, found at any drug store). You can still pull off the gothic look with that color, then apply a slightly lighter than your skin tone foundation and loose powder. Apply an auburn or brown lipstick and use a medium brown and dark brown eye shadow, such as Safari Gold by Colosé. Stay with a black eyeliner and mascara.



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