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Creamy Color Correctors

Bren New York Color Correctors work to counteract specific flaws in facial complexions. Our cream formula hides imperfections, evens out skin tones and covers blemishes.

Apply after moisturizer and before foundation.

Alabaster Facial Corrector covers dark circles on warm skin tones.

Alabaster Color Facial Corrector



9 Gms. - Made In USA

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Warm Color Group

  • Your hair is naturally black or brown (brown with reddish or copper flecks). Your eyes are brown, and your complexion is olive or golden and tans easily
  • Your natural hair ranges from light, golden to dark blonde, your eyes are dark brown and your skin is golden or olive and tans easily
  • Your hair is naturally red or light auburn with dark blonde flecks. Your eyes are either green or brown, and your skin tone is beige, tanning easily
  • Your hair is naturally a reddish to golden brown, your eye color is blue and your complexion is light beige, tanning easily


New York


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