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Green Clay Facial Mask

Green Clay Face Mask

Green Clay Mask
Masque à l'Argile Verte

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50 ml /1.7 oz

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Daily beauty care is not sufficient to cleanse the epidermis from impurities that produce a dull complexion. The skin has to be cleansed deeply once or twice a week in order for it to be totally clear and smooth.

The Green Clay Mask of Colosé will purify your skin, giving it a freshness and full bloom of beauty thanks to its natural active substances. The remarkable properties of the natural green clay have been known for centuries. The mask absorbs impurities and clarifies the complexion thanks to the astringent action of Green Clay.

Cleanse the skin.  Apply the mask in a thick layer all over the face being careful to avoid the eye area. Leave the mask on the skin at least 10 minutes. When dried, the mask produces a feeling of stiffness. Rinse the skin well with lukewarm water using cotton balls or facial tissue.

Use once or twice per week.

Suitable for all skin types.

Green Clay Mask

The mask cleanses, softens and tones the skin and leaves you with a general feeling of well-being.



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