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Girly Girl Mmatrixyl Anti-Aging Gel

SALE $35.75

is repackaged Colose Pro Intensive Lifting Gel


An Anti-Wrinkle Breakthrough


Matrixyl Anti-Aging Lifting Gel by Girly Girl Geneva
Matrixyl Anti-Aging Lifting Gel by Girly Girl Geneva

Girly Girl Geneva is Repackaged USA Colose


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Mimic wrinkles are part of the visible face wrinkles. As time passes, these wrinkles persist permanently and become deeper and deeper: frown lines, laughter lines and crow’s feet appear more and more due to the repeated movements of facial muscles. Mimic muscles are the cause of wrinkles. Whenever you laugh, frown, concentrate or squint your eyes in the sun, your facial muscles contract and your skin becomes creased. With increasing age, your skin loses its elasticity and the result is increase skin furrows causing permanent wrinkles. Wrinkles between the eyes created by frowning can, in particular become apparent at a relatively young age and consequently people around you may perceive you as annoyed, worried or angry. By a temporary immobilization of the muscles you use for frowning, ProIntensive Lifting smoothes out your wrinkles and returns a younger, more natural and relaxed look to your face.

The laboratories of Colosé have succeeded in developing a light fluid gel, which give the skin a visible result of elasticity. Pro Intensif Lifting contain Pentapeptide-3, which is the anti-wrinkle breakthrough.

Pentapeptide-3 acts like botulinum neurotoxin, it is an efficient cosmetic alternative to muscle relaxing injections. Pentapeptide-3 acts at the post-synaptic membrane where it blocks the release of sodium ions. As a consequence of this, the muscles stay relaxed and mimic wrinkles will disappear, without affecting the natural skin face expression.

Direction for use: After cleansing your face and neck, apply a small quantity of Pro Intensive Lifting to tighten and smooth small lines and wrinkles. Use Pro Intensive Lifting as a treatment for one month. Then use it in regular two weeks intervals. Pro Intensive Lifting can also be used before applying a face cream or make-up.


Matrixyl - Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3

Matrixyl is the trademark name for palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, one of the powerful peptide molecules found in the latest generation of high-end anti wrinkle skin care products. This breakthrough ingredient stimulates collagen production in the skin and can even give BOTOX® injections a run for their money in the anti wrinkle department. Matrixyl becomes even more effective when combined with other peptides.

What is Matrixyl?

Matrixyl is a lipopeptide, a fatty acid mixed with amino acids. It is also considered to be a synthetic isomer (an isomer is a molecule that has an identical structure to another molecule but different atomic components). The active element in Matrixyl is called Micro-collagen - another peptide.

What does Matrixyl do?

Matrixyl was discovered through two branches of dermatological research: the search for substances that accelerate healing skin wounds and the study of what causes wrinkles. Similarly to copper peptides, Matrixyl stimulates the lower layers of the skin to heal themselves, thus accelerating the healing of wounds. Cells called fibroblasts are responsible for knitting together wounds of the skin. As you may know, as one ages wounds take longer to heal. This is partially because fibroblasts slowly lose the capacity for collagen production.

Matrixyl stimulates the "matrix" layers in the skin -- primarily collagen and fibronectin. When stimulated, the skin produces more collagen. Loss of collagen is what leads to thinning skin and the wrinkling of newly inelastic skin. Matrixyl helps to counteract this natural part of the aging process.

Is Matrixyl (palmitoyl pentapeptide-3) an effective anti wrinkle product?

Yes. In clinical studies, Matrixyl was shown to:

  • increase overall collagen synthesis by up to 117%
  • increase collagen IV synthesis by up to 327%
  • increase hyaluronic acid synthesis by up to 267%

Deep wrinkles were reduced by half. Smaller wrinkles and fine lines sometimes faded completely away. And what's even better, every participant in the study showed noticeable improvement within two weeks. The result was fewer wrinkles and younger-looking skin.

There are very few ingredients that show more promise and greater effectiveness than Matrixyl. When combined with other peptides (as in the Replexion formula) the results are even more effective.


Pro Intensive Lifting Gel





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