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perfect winter make-up

Now that cold weather is fast approaching, you will need to change a few things in your cosmetic bag.

This winter make-up is going to be very classic! Gone are the flashy colors of summer and in are winter hues of chocolate and shades of coffee for eyes, fresh berrys for lips and cheeks and matt finishes.

To achieve your elegant winter look we recommend the following:

1. FACE - Start with using Moisturizers to protect your face from the harsh cold. Colosé has several moisturizers made especially for your skin type. Our moisturizing milks are based on extracts of oil from various fruits and vegetables. They are easy to apply and form a perfect base for make-up. You will also find them beneficial if used on the entire body. For a heavier night cream we suggest Colosé Basic Night Cream. The cream's purpose is to prevent water loss from the skin. A jar will last you the entire winter and leave you radiant for the spring!

For a day of skiing, snowmobiling, sledding etc. you may want to apply our Alpine Herbal Ointment to any chapped and/or red areas of your skin that may need additional soothing.

2. FOUNDATIONS - Our foundation evens skin tone, smoothes texture, and hides minor imperfections. Due to the small granular powder content, our creamy foundation will not dry out your skin. It improves your complexion as it protects and tones your skin throughout the entire day. Colosé tinted suncreen SPF 15 is highly recommended for winter sport days. Besides sun filters it contains shea butter for nourishing along with a concentration of vitamins. It is suitable for all skin tones and can be used as a make-up base or a foundation.

3. Eye Shadow - Create the popular winter hues easily with our large selection of duet eye shadows. Colosé's Safari Gold or Marron are the anwsers to this winter's color!

4. Lipstick - No one has more popular berry shades of lipstick than Colosé! For must-have berry lips we suggest:

Both Lipsticks have matching nail polish to compliment the look!

Remember to also use lip gloss and lip balm to protect your lips from dryness.

5. Mascara - Black is not back this winter. The top brands are saying "Purple" is in. We have been there and done that...just because the "tops" say it, does not make it true. You should have a dark brown mascara unless your really want to have purple eye lashes. Our deep purple has been discontinued. Please let us know if we were ahead of our time and you want to see it back!

5. Powder - Colosé's loose facial powder is so fine and transparent that it will give your skin a beautiful golden and velvety luster. It makes you look healthy! Try it, it will become your favorite as well. Because of its transparency, it can be used on all skin tones.

8. Need A Winter Treat? Our new Satin Body Lotion will make you look absolutely fabulous! Your skin will glow! It is a moisturizing lotion containing pearlescent pigments. It produces optical effects and contains active ingredients with a quick penetration. The pearlescent pigments produce a soft satin appearance covering blemishes such as wrinkles and small lines.



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